Snack Time

The children can bring their snacks. Please do not give any sweets.

Birthdays & Festivals

We celebrate birthdays where the child can bring a cake. Other festivals we celebrate throughout the year include: St. Martin, St. Nicholas, Advent with Christmas crafts as a gift, Carnival, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and other popular festivals of the country.


One time per month, a child brings the ingredients for a dish that will be prepared for all the children in the kindergarten. The parents are responsible for bringing the lunch together. The “cook” chooses a cooking partner and together with a specialist, lunch is prepared for everyone. Due to the international makeup of our group, the lunches are culturally diverse and varied.


Mr. Charly Thomass is a pianist and comes to the kindergarten one time during the week. We sing and dance and also provide some introductory piano lessons.

Brushing Teeth

Teeth are brushed after lunch. We cooperate with the prophylaxis assistant from the Health Department. The staff has the necessary training.

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