• Is it possible to pick up my child before lunch?

      The child may be picked up before lunch in exceptional circumstances. The monthly rate remains the same.

    • Is a flexible hourly arrival and payment possible?

      A flexible hourly arrival does not allow the children to feel apart of the group. They do not partake in the regular group events. Children wait for their friends and then want to do something together. They do not come to an inner peace when others have to wait on them. Children also have the right to rely on each other: "He / she will come." This need of the children is of great importance later in their life. Payment by the hour is not possible.

    • Is it possible for the child to come only on specific days and pay only for those specific days?

      In exceptional situations, it is possible as a transitional rule. The payment is based on the days. The agreed amount is same for each month.

    • How many personnel are in the group?

      One state-recognized teaching specialist, an English teacher with mother tongue English, an assistant, and possibly interns.

    • Is there a central place for Montessori kindergartens?

      The permission for a kindergarten is given by the school council of the state capital Munich. The use of the Montessori pedagogy is a special focus. This decision is made by the board of the association who is responsible for establishing the kindergarten. Each association board is only responsible for its own organization.


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