Group Size

The kindergarten group comprises of 22 children aged between 3 and 6 with different nationalities.


Most of the children speak German with each other, even when their native language is different. Many games and books are in English. The Montessori material is an excellent way to teach the concepts based on the sensory experience of the material in both languages.


Our staff have pedagogic certifications from their home country as well as a diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale. We work together with the Association Montessori Interationale on the International Course in Montessori Pedagogy. This means that different “guests” visit our kindergarten to observe and work with the application of the Montessori principles.


Bilingualism (German – English), social development, movement education, sensual training with music and art, geography and geometry, biology, history, basis for mathematical concepts, language concepts for speaking, writing and reading.


We are aligned with the Bavarian education and training plan.

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