• Rates & Time



    Registration is possible at anytime. The registration fee is 150 €. Reimbursement of the registration fee is not possible.

    The children can start throughout the kindergarten year, depending on available space.


    The monthly rate depends on the agreed daily booking time, and is due on the first of each month. Possible booking times are:


    • 4-5 hours: 280 €
    • 5-6 hours: 308 €
    • 6-7 hours: 336 €

    Opening Hours

    Monday through Friday 7:45 am – 2:45 pm. The core hours are from 9 am – 1 pm. During this time all children must be present.


    The holidays follow the Bavarian school holidays, but are shortened

    Garden & Playground

    Depending on the weather, the children can play outside in the garden. Therefore, we ask to pay attention to the children’s clothes. They sow, watch, reap and play. Please bring house slippers (another pair of shoes for the room).


    The entire monthly fee must be paid regardless of the child’s attendance. The entire monthly fee must be paid regardless of holidays. At least one month’s notice is required before child no longer attends the kindergarten.

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